“No matter when or where, always bring your 'A' game, because you never know when it will open doors for you...” Simon Sinek . . park inspiration motivation quotes parks beauty forest parque sanmartin mendoza argentina photography picoftheday amazing instaphoto travelphotography wanderlust followers outdoors


Good Morning... Buenos Días... . . . . fincaclamar chachingo granja alimentos autosustentable autosuficiente visin montaña Mendoza homemade casero . https://Instagram.com/4.roots.resto https://Instagram.com/fincaclamar . 4.roots.resto fincaclamar .


Paso de Uspallata en los Andes 🏔 Línea fronteriza agentina-chilena. argentina chile andes uspallata lascuevas mendoza


PAS are aware of very subtle details in their surroundings. They are also reflective, intuitive, creative, empathic and careful. But this feature, like any other, also has its drawbacks: these people can be very cautious and too dump inside. Sometimes they feel overwhelmed and exhausted by the overactivation that results, for example, from being with many people or in very noisy environments.- - - las PAS son conscientes de detalles muy sutiles en su entorno. También son reflexivas, intuitivas, creativas, empáticas y cuidadosas. Pero este rasgo, como cualquier otro, también tiene sus inconvenientes: estas personas pueden ser muy cautas y demasiado volcadas en su interior. A veces se sienten desbordadas y exhaustas por la sobreactivación que resulta, por ejemplo, de estar con mucha gente o en ambientes muy ruidosos. - - - aerialsilks duo duoaereo circus circuseveryday circoaereo novocirco aerialarts aerialartist aerialist instagood instagram instaphoto tattoo inked colors puravida notetengomiedocancer manresa galicia mendoza instagood beatiful like4likes me photographycute lujuria tags4likes bestoftheday cirqfitinstructor


[Anzeige] When I lived in Scotland, I stumbled across a phrase for the very first time: “Sharing is caring”. I believe there is much power in sharing, not necessarily power in terms of pure economic gains. We’re told more often to keep something for ourselves, fearing others could be better, faster, or earn more money than we do. To unlearn those patterns and instead, share out of pure kindness, to share to empower, is something we can learn and practice. My podcast “Sábados Sostenibles” is nothing but sharing and with each episode I am reminded again of how powerful it is to share knowledge and experience. The most recent episode is a special one - I recorded it with my dad and we address the (peaceful) successful protests in Mendoza to protect the water from fracking. A historic moment and an example that shows us, across the globe, that natural resources are interest of not only one group, but of each living soul. 🌎 Enjoy the episode! Available in Spanish on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Podcast. ________ elaguanosetoca mendoza agua climate fff climatecrisis climatechange changeishere argentina germany podcast sustainability mexico mx natural nature sunday art arianevera kindness sharing environment water


Honeymoon part 1: Mendoza 🍷 Wine tasting, white water rafting, maté . . . . honeymoon patagonia rafting mendoza malbec winetasting


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