I need to get better at my onearmpullup but hopefully soon I will have it down. This was at the official opening of the new bars at East point beach. oap oap oaps Officialthenx freestylecalisthenics frontleverpullups fitness cardio crossfit calisthenicsparks calisthenicsworkout calisthenics streetworkout pullups planche muscle muscleup muscleups park gym gymnastics gymnast gymlife


If you want something you have never had. You must be willing to do something you have never done. - - - - calisthenics frontlever planche officialthenx fitnessfaqs muscleup gym biceps triceps


Chris Heria의 최고의 동기부여 문장 Officialthenx, "Fastest way to get 6 pack abs" 영상 中 . chrisheria officialthenx #근성장 #성장 #운동 #복근운동 #복근 6pack workout #동기부여 motivation . 운동스타그램 fit_gyum


First day of my workout routine to build lean muscle. Don’t plan on quitting any time soon now that I’m started! If you have any recommendations or advice feel free to leave comment . . . . workout fitness calisthenics officialthenx chrisheria chrisheria abs abworkout core coreworkout nike champion nature lean skinny muscle leanmuscle red blue green rbg black first day firstday exercise vups tradition portstlucie 772


Nieuwe workout! Helemaal naar de klote🏋️‍♀️ New workout! Im dying - out of breath🏋️‍♀️wakeup officialthenx chrisheria vroegop onemorerep getshredded eiwitten hypertrophy fitness fitnessalkmaar buitenadem youtubeworkouts muscles workout bodychallenge2019


I remember two years ago when I watched these athletes and thought "what are they doing" and "that's not normal". Today I'm doing some of the moves that I thought was impossible two years ago💪 So thank you for inspiring me🙏 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . calisthenics straddleplanche caliathletics thenx officialthenx austindunham motivation strenght athlete


Frontlever em andamento 💪💪💪💪💪💥💥❤❤❤ training frontlever calisthenicslife calisthenics thenxtraining thenxathlete chrisheriaoficial officialthenx


Another protein shake this time my mother experimented. Going green!!!! This one has a tropical fruit medley, kale, other green stuff😂😂apples and blueberries. Can’t forget the ice and oats!! smoothieking officialthenx fitnessmodel fitnessmotivation purebreed


Please go check out my new video on my YouTube channel: princeditrainer officialthenxathletes officialthenx chrisheria chrisheriaworkout chrisheriateam kylenutt117 kylenutt maltajamaica fitnessmotivation calisthenics


Yess!!! My first muscleup! I've never been so happy, Its a small step on the road to mastering calisthenics and I'm destined to achieve much more! My strategie is starting small, building sthrength getting reps and eventually all that work will pay off. Im going to keep pushing myself and my friends to become strong and most importantly healthy. All of this was never possible without my ThenX motivation! You should check it out! Its a free App named "ThenX" maybe give it a try! He is also active on youtube (Chris Heria) officialthenx muscleup milestone calisthenics livinghealthy workoutmotivation thenx improvement


Livin healthy, training with friends. Been at it for the past 5 months, it has been a lot of fun and im not going to stop anytime soon! I used to go to the gym but I stopped because I had no motivation left to go there. Went for calisthenics instead with a good inspiration of Chris Heria and his ThenX workout app.(Its free)💪💨 calisthenics workoutmotivation thenx officialthenx


Petite séance de sport avec la team Coco sport officialthenx


On the left is me thinking I’m sick after nailing 50 push ups a day for a week. On the right is a product of 5 years of on and off training. - - gymlife fitness athletic aesthetic ripped functional protein gains healthy lifestyle progress brucelee shredded abs chest optimumnutrition fitnessaddict athlete officialthenx workout exercise cobraback bodyweight gainz leangains athlete gym calisthenics hardgainer adidas


Do 4 set sets of these exercises. thenx officialthenx


Aree yaar subah subah shirt kon chura ka le gya👔 underprogress⚠️ 18%bodyfatpercentage bdayvibes athleanx officialthenx #💪🏋️‍


Yesterday’s workout with chrisheria and thenx. Handstand skills and good energy 🤸🏻‍♂️☀️ • calisthenics calisthenicsmotivation chrisheria thenx officialthenx handstand skill skilltraining handstandpractice urbangladiators urbangladiatorsberlin


Friday flow.


Self made Egg burji with veggies... nutritious and tasty...fitnessislife gurumannfitness gurumann chrisheria officialthenx


Enero del 2019, recuerdo que el 31 de Diciembre me había propuesto cumplir varias metas a corto plazo, sin embargo esta meta es la más larga y con la que he tenido más altos y bajos (mi tesis es tema aparte 😂), cambios notables pero lo que me gusta tanto de este deporte que practico hace casi 6 años es que cuándo estás por rendirte, una motivación interna te insta a dar una más, siempre una más lo cuál puedes aplicar como filosofía de vida. calistenics calisthenicsaroundtheworld lifestyle instamoment calisthenicsmovement officialthenx


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