A perfect winter salad😍 Colorful and nutritious with crunch of toasted sesame seeds, best enjoyed while a bit warm. Tuck yourself in and enjoy ✨ So simple and easy to bring together. Recipe is available in highlights. . . Thankyou Wajiha for making me a part of your sweetsavourysalad series😍 While Batool spoonsofflavorbybatool is making carrot cake and Wajiha butteroverbae is making gajar ka achar, you have a complete package to create with Carrots 👍🏻 . . . blessedwiththebestmommy foodblogger cookingblog dubaifoodbloggers uaefoodbloggers pakistanifoodbloggers karachifoodbloggers australianfoodblogger sydneyfoodbloggers foodstyling foodgram foodblogfeed f52grams foodphotography cookingtips gharkakhana carrotsalad salads beetroot healthyfood healthyrecipes


Aloo Gosht (Beef and potato stew) This is classic comfort food, pretty simple to prepare and tastes soo good. Serve with Roti and rice. . . . Ingredients; 1-2 pound mutton 3 peeled potatoes 1 medium onion 5-7 fresh garlic gloves 1 medium tomatoe Green chilies Salt 1 tsp red chili powder 1 tsp Red Kashmir chilli powder (to add bright color) 1/2 tsp Turmeric powder 1 tbsp Coriander powder 1 tsp Zeera powder 1/2 tsp Garam masala 4-5 black peppercorns 1 Sabuth Dal chini (black cardamom) 1 Daalchini stick 1-2Green cardamom Half star anise Oil . I have a very traditional Aloo gosht recipe. Usually daighy Aloo Gosht is cooked this way too. In a pot add water roughly 1/2 cup(I don’t measure) in which u can dip your meat. We don’t need a lot of water as onions n meat will release its own juices too. All of the above ingredients go in the pot, except tomatoes, oil and potatoes. Cover the pot and bring it to a boil and then lower the flame to low/medium and let it simmer. Approximately depending on your meat quality it will take 30 minutes for meat to get tender. At this stage add oil and diced tomatoes. Bhunofy! I add potatoes when Bhunofying. Bhunoofy until oil floats on top of curry. Use big chunks of tomatoes. Big chunks cook easily and are dissolved nicely in the shourba or gravy. In this process meat will get more tender. Add water to keep gravy according to your preference. Garnish with garam masala and fresh coriander. . - - muttoncurry


Wooohoo! Just finished posting the recipe for Gajar ka achar for Episode 3 of the sweetsavorysalad series. 😍 . . This months ingredients was Carrots ! spoonsofflavorbybatool got "sweet" so she made a carrot cake and afsheenowais got "salad", so she is making exactly that! . .I got savory 🤦‍♀️ and this got me to thinking what on earth am I supposed to make with Carrots as the hero! I looked up a recipe for carrot fries online which looked veryyyyy promising. 😭 but bohat hi barey koi flop baney! . . . . Then I tried my hands on 2 different kinds of soups, which were ok but needed lots of others veggies to make it taste good (to the point k carrot ka tu flavor bhi pata nahi chalra tha 🤪) . . . My mom eventually made me go old school and make a nice Gajar ka achar 😊 do you guys buy your pickles? Which ones your favoriteeee achar? . . . . Ohh ya...full recipe link in Bio and lil snippets up in the stories right now. 😊


One of my favourite eatery in town novupk with amazing food quality and quantity. ⭐️ Novu Special Chicken 💰695 ✨ Love at first bite, quantity was too good. 💫 10/10 ⭐️ Chicken Chilli Dry 💰 675 ✨ Perfect spices and bold in flavour. 💫 9/10 ⭐️ Vegetable Chowmein 💰 275 ✨ Excellent serving size and perfect blend of flavours. I loved every single bite of it. 9/10 . . . 🌟Highly Recommended agirlwithnojob__ agirlwithnojob novupk novu panasiancuisine foodbites girlpower foodies food foodpower foodnetwork rice chinesefood cuisine instadaily foodstagram bloggerlife asianfood flavoroflove cravings pakistanifoodbloggers girlpower love foodblogger lahore gulberg


BHINDI MASALA . One of the most loved sabzi - masala bhindi 🤩🤩🥰🥰 You like masala bhindi ? Tag someone loves bhindi? 😍😍😍 . For more: foodandartpakistan . Photo by: theburpaffair . Tag your photos with: food_art_pakistan


Shashlik sticks recipe from yesterday enjoy with rice of your choice 😍 Shashlik Sticks 1/2 kg chicken boneless cubes 1/2 tsp. salt 1/2 tsp. black pepper 1/2 tsp red chilli powder 1 tsp. ginger garlic paste 4 tbsp. ketchup 2 tbsp chilli garilc sauce 2 tbsp. soya sauce 1/2 tsp. red chilli flakes 1 capsicum, cut in cubes 2 tomatoes, cut in cubes after removing seeds 1 onion cut in cubes and slices 2 tbsp. oil Method: Marinate chicken cubes in salt, black pepper, red chilies,, ginger garlic paste, soya sauce. Leave it for 1 hour or you can also leave it in fridge for overnight. Now assemble chicken, tomato, capsicum and onions in wooden skewers. Heat pan or grill and apply a little oil on pan. Cook them on low heat and turn after 5 minutes. When they are ready and chicken is tender, put ketchup chilli garlic sauce mix on them, cover with lid for 1 minute. Serve hot 💕💕 pakistanifoodbloggers foodiesofpakistan shashliksticks foodstagram recipes pakistanifoodrecipes saucy


ramishablogs chopchopwok chopchopwok I would never adore such Pan Asian food or places but then after reading several satisfied reviews I really wanted to give it a try . . . .i would always love rice bowls with some spice and sauces , and that only too from nandos until I gave pan Asian brown rice bowl from chopchopwok a try . it was served piping hot and was highly delectable! The quantity was enough for a single serving & was absolutely reasonable and pocket friendly. . . . Recommended ✅ . . .suggest something you like the most from chopchopwok . . .chopchopwokkarachikarachibloggerkarachifoodiekarachistreetstylekarachifinediningasianfoodpanasianfoodricebowlhellopakistanlifestylebloggerpakistanifoodbloggers


~ FOOD REVIEW ~ . Yesterday visited bunburryclub and tried 👉🏻 ''TANGY Mushroom sauce steak" 👉🏻 Beef burger with crazy sauce These were served with LIVE CHEESE 😋 So here's the Verdict : 💥STEAK💥 Steak was served with green broccoli, onion, live melting cheese and Mashed potatoes. That was pretty hot and fresh when served That was not too spicy not to creamy It was perfect balance of each ingredient 👌 I really loved it ❤️ 💥BURGER💥 Size wasn't satisfactory but taste did thr justice 😍 Surved with Crunchy onion rings, lettuce and Crispy-hot French fries 🍟 It was really good plus live cheese added more to its taste 🧀 . . Ambiance: 9/10 Service : 10/10 Taste: 10/10 Quantity: 9/10 Price: 8/10 . Recommended : Yes of course! . Follow a1blogs_ for more Keep supporting a1blogs_ . food bunburryclub bunburrybeverlycenter foodadventure smokysteaks steaklovers asianfoodporn lahore islamabadfood islamabadfoodblog eatforhappiness livetoeat foodie foodporn foodpornography foodstagram pakistanifood pakistanibloggers pakistanifoodbloggers bloggerstyle igworldclub bybestofall blogitwithsidraity a1blogs favourite steaks burgers #


Chai Time . . For more: foodandartpakistan . Photo by: adeelchishti_ . Tag your photos with: food_art_pakistan


Hello my insta fam Another video on My new YouTube channel Food Family RESTURANT STYLE SEEKH KABAB AT HOME FOR FULL VIDEO GO AND SUBSCRIBE MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL + FULL RECEPIE . . . Foodfamily Foodi foodstagram food recepies foodrecepies bloggersofpakistan influencersofpakistan influencer foodies foodie breakfast lunch dinner dinnerideas snacks kidsfood bbq pakistanifood pakistanifoodbloggers


As desis we always reminisce about food back home, especially our local food from our cities.. And Mumtaz darbar did just that for us in Dubai.. Their variety of dishes aside, cracking the Desi recipe for all of us here is their biggest feat the Chapli kabab, so so so good. Actually can’t even talk about one thing, every single thing had such a good taste authentic Pakistani food probably better than pakistan. We tried chicken steak roast and fried roast (green in color) , chicken karhai, mutton Karhai, white karhai, mixed fried rice, lassi (I wouldn’t share it with anyone it was that good) , Gulab jamun we’re perfect temperature and super soft. One new thing I tried was meetha naan, so I had never tried this before, it was so good I got two packed for takeaway aswell. Guys this is a must visit place if you want to have pakistani food. I liked the food so much that I requested for catering for one of my office events which was biryani , kababs, palak paneer, veg kabab and mini chapli kabab. So they provide catering service also with their own staff serving. mumtazdarbar dubaifood dubaifoodbloggers foodies foodiesofinstagram hotellife foodstagram desifood pakistanistreetstyle pakistanifood pakistanifoodbloggers


Who can let go of 20% off on scrumptious food. Place your first order via their website and avail this discount Code eatyoyo for 20% off 😍. • • ABOUT Burgers We had two Saucy Fried Chicken Burgers, Habanero Burger and Buffalo Burger. Served hot, soft and fresh. They both had perfect amount of YoYo sauce, oh and that crispy palatable fried chicken patty covered with cheese and piquant sauces. People who love spicy burgers need to try Habanero Burger 😍. Cost: 350 Rating: 10/10 (because not just the taste but the cost is amazing too) • • ABOUT fries Oh I can’t get over how dainty and flavourful those were, that too for only 150 Pkr. They were crispy on the outside and had pillowy texture on the inside served with their own garlic mayo sauce. I’ll rate them 10/10 because they reminds me of old optp fries 🙈 • • Don’t I look cute in those pictures (swipe to see jangli bia and food closeups 🙈) • • blogger biablogs friesbeforeguys pakistanibloggers beauty karachiblogger lifestyleblogger fashionblogger blog beautyinfluencer instalikes follow4follow photooftheday love friendship karachi foodbloggers blue pakistanifoodbloggers karachibloggers food foodphotography foodgasm foodblogger foodblogfeed likeforlike karachifoodbloggers


𝐀𝐧 𝐨𝐥𝐝 𝐬𝐨𝐮𝐥 𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐞𝐝 𝐢𝐧 𝐚 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐠 𝐛𝐨𝐝𝐲. My earliest memory from this tool brings me back to my childhood. I remember sitting next to my grandmother(Nani), we used to call her Amma, on her kitchen floor as she rhythmically crushed freshly coriander, mint leaves and green chillies on a rectangular stone slab with a horizontal pestle. As all the above things transformed into a bright green chutney. These traditional things amaze me so much. Growing up I used to watch my mother using it for grinding Shami Kababs, chutneys, crushing spices and ginger garlic paste for daily use. When I was a teenager my mother used to give me mortar and pestle for grinding Shami kabab Masala. Nani k Ghar sy lay k, apnay Ghar Tak,  Ghar sy lay k School tak, yes you did read it well! In our chemistry lab, during our practicals, I used to see my teacher using it to crush up solid chemicals into smaller pieces or to grind solids into a fine powder. Easier to dissolve solids into solvents ( when making solutions).At my Parent's home, we had an antique bronze mortar and pestle. My mom still has it. I started cooking at a very young age when I was in grade 6 and Years ago I was first introduced to the many uses of mortars and pestles and I have never looked back. I use this method for grinding 90% of the time. So I have never-ending memories with this tool. And to be honest I can't make my food without this. I find it handy. The texture, flavour, aroma, even colours are more vivid when made in a mortar and pestle.3 years ago when I came to Canada I didn't find a good one here but now I can see a lot of varieties in stores and soon I 'll get one of my favourites. Still, I have eyes on my mommy's mortar and pestle. But I can't bring it here with me. Hoping for the best. Some day Somehow I can bring here or phir mere baad meri shahzadi use karain usay. In Sha Allah. As I am discussing tradition, shanfoods innovates with delicacies of the sub-continent to give you a bite of happiness every day. shanfoodsglobal tries effortlessly to bring the best flavour, traditional taste and aroma. So I made the chutney using Shan Virgin Pink Himalayan Salt.


Moist, cotton-soft dark cocoa cupcakes with rustic-looking pale pink creamy vanilla buttercream rosettes for a lovely young lady’s bridal shower 🤎💝. . Winter has come. And when it’s chilly outside, I find there’s nothing cosier than having the oven on and something sweet or savoury baking inside. . If you want to have a go at making these shabby chic-ish pretties, the basic recipe can be found on AliceInEatland.com - search for “Chocolate Cobweb Cupcakes” or click on the direct recipe link in profile.


Presenting you folks with another delight that we are proud of ‘drum rolls please’ STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE . Yes, you heard me right; our homemade delicious cheesecake 😋 🍓 . . . _____________________________ huffposttaste shareyourmeal buzzfeedfoods eatfortheinsta feedfeed heresmyfood food52grams onmyplate cheesecake strawberries🍓 pakistanfoodbloggers pakistanifoodbloggers jam pakistan


Candied walnuts for some holiday treats. These are made with melted gur ( jaggery),sesame seed and ajwain( carom)seeds. Not only is gur a great replacement for sugar, it also has mineral and vitamins which are beneficial. Ajwain seeds create a warming effect in our bodies. Especially when consumed during colder months it helps relive common colds, bacteria, chest congestion and has many other beneficial properties. Seasame seeds add fiber and help boost energy. To make these delicious candies, simply melt gur in a pot on a low flame to avoid burning, add ajwain and sesame seeds in equal proportions and toss in raw walnuts. walnuts candiedwalnuts sugarsubstitute hearthealthy paleo paleosnacks homemadesnacks indiansnacks


Anyone for chowein today? . . For more: foodandartpakistan . Photo by: DM for credits. . Tag your photos with: food_art_pakistan


#パクカレーレストラン 🇵🇰で、番長👴🏽のマトンニハリ🍖✨食べたわ😋 番長👴🏽のブラウンマジックや!✋🏽🔮🤚🏽 #エブリデイファルーク 活動🏯🚶🏽 詳しくはブログで✨🕺🏽 pakcurryrestaurant pakistanifood pakistanifoodie pakistanifoodbloggers pakistanicuisine pakistanirestaurantsinjapan🇯🇵 isesaki foodstagram foodporn curry halal nihari muttonnihari kheer chai #パクカレー #パキスタン料理 #ハラール #ニハリ #キール #カレー #マトンニハリ #チャイ #伊勢崎暗黒街 #マッドシティ伊勢崎 #伊勢崎🇵🇰でナンバルワンな店 #番長👴🏽


So few Days Back, I recieve another PR Package 📦 From mehranspiceandfoodindustries . they send me Huge PR package, that includes:. 1) Mehran Ketchup. 2) Mixed Pickel. 3) Red Chilli 🌶 Powder . 4) Biryani Masala. 5) Karahi Ghost. 6) Kheer Mix. 7) Turmic Powder. 8) And Sheer Khurma. Firstly Thank You 😊 So much mehranspiceandfoodindustries for Sending this huge PR package . Now it’s my Turn to make Yummy 😋 Food by helping these Masalas. Blogger mehranspiceandfoodindustries mehranspices mehranspiceandfood mehranspicesandfoodindustries pakistanifood pakistanifoodbloggers pakistanfooddiaries pakistanfood digeratipk digerati digeratipwb


❤️ VERMICELLI CUSTARD ❤️ I made this dessert years back but found these pictures in my gallery so thought of posting it. How many of you like making desserts? . . . . . . . myculinaryexperience pakistanifood foodporn foodstagram dessertlove pakistanifoodbloggers vermicelli fooddiary foodblogger custard foodbloggerkarachi foodography foodgram dessert buzzfeast hautecuisines karachi karachifood chefmode pakistanidesserts pakistanifood foodgasm onethirdfood kitchn feedfeed homecookedfood eeeeats


Start each day with a super green energy smoothie! Loaded up the blender with spinach, kale, apple, flaxseeds, avocado, almond milk and a ripe banana! Blast it up and Enjoy! . . . green supergreens greensmoothie yogurt almondmilk apple banana flaxseeds flaxseedsmoothie healthylifestyle guthealth digestivehealth pakistanifoodbloggers scottishfood homesweethome greengoodness kale avocadotoast foodpornography foodporn


BESt Food


Enjoy restaurant style Mutton seekh kebab! - - - - Seekh kebab recipe Ingredients; 2 pounds keema (I used mutton keema with 20% fat) 2 tbsp flour (maida) 2 tbsp coriander 1 tbsp zeera 7-8 green chilies 2 tsp black pepper 1 tsp red chili flakes 1 tsp turmeric powder 1 tsp garam masala 7-8 Kabab Cheni 1-2 Cinnamon stick Salt as per taste 3 onions (grated) 1 inch ginger 5-6 garlic cloves food color Method; Dry roast coriander, zeera, cinnamon stick, kabab cheni and grind. Dry roast flour until It changes color slightly gold. Take fresh mince and make sure it’s cold. Add all spices and flour into keema. Grate onions and squeeze the water. Add grated onions to mince. Grate ginger/garlic squeeze the excess juice and add in mince too. Add green chilies paste. Mix it well, knead like a dough. Leave it in refrigerator for 2-3 hours for marination to set well. Take a bowl of cold water add yellow food color (food color is optional) shape them on skewer and use food color water to help shape them. Wet ur hand and shape. Wear gloves. Take clean & dry skewers and shape the kebabs. Preheat oven on 375f Grease your Baking tray and bake for 20-25 minutes. You can use beef or chicken mince. Plz adjust spices accordingly, it’s ok if you don’t have kabab Cheni as it’s not a common spices which we use in our daily cooking.


~just a M I D N I G H T hunger. . . Here's a midnight meal for you guys bigmoesdinerpk. From 11:00pm till 1:00pm only in 595+tax. . . I just won this crazy meal from their tag and win contest & availed this from their DHA branch. . . Chicken tender burger & Grilled chicken burger. Both were super tasty and had their own best taste. Served with fries, coleslaw and drinks. . . . desiblogger lahorediaries foodielife foodmania pakistanblogger instapic foodblogger foodlover instafood instalove foodnetwork burger lahoreblogger lahoregram lahorelahorehai desifood desifoodie instapakistan instapic influencer instadaily instafood pakistanifoodbloggers


🍩‘ May your coffee kick in before reality does ‘🍩 . This is the picture from last winter snowfall second_cup_murree . . . 🍪Coffee ☕️vs Tea ☕️? . 🍪What is ur love ? . 🍪Mention in the comments . . . . . . . . . . snowfall winter coffeecoffeecoffee food islamabad islamabadfood islamabadfoodbloggers islamabadstreetstyle karachibloggers lahorefoodbloggers secondcup digerati sundayfunday pakistanifoodbloggers lahorelahorehai foodporn instafood foodie fashionblogger islamabadbloggers flatlaycoffee pakistanifashion pakistanistreetstyle weddingheels dulhaanddulhan weddingdress lahoreweddings coffeeaddict karachidiaries streetfood


Tanz, tanqeed or fikray-bazi se himmat mat haro.....shour tamashai krtay hain khiladi nahi. . . . lahore lahori lahorifoodblogger pakistanifoodbloggers lahorifood


Water you doing this weekend? 😎 🌊 Well, I just started mine by taking some vitamin SEA, I love beaches & Uganda is full of them and I believe where there is a will, there is a WAVE. 🌊 So we planned to go out for family fun at the beach and had our best day today, we did a lot of fun activities like walking in the sand, playing with the ball, took some lovely clicks and not to forget we eat fried tilapia fish freshly picked from the river. 🍴 It was simply cooked with a sprinkle of salt & pepper, totally natural flavor, super delicious and healthy enough. Though some ladies got scared of these eyes as it looks like this fish will awake in a while. 😜🐟 🌊 🌊 🌊 🌊 So how are you planning your weekend? Do you love a day out at the beach? Which ones your weekend place? 🌊 🌊 🌊 🌊 entebbe africa visituganda pearlofafrica eastafrica munyonyo expatlifestyle momlifebalance beachlovers🌴 bloggersdiaries weekendlover bloggerslifestyle travelafricastory foodiesuganda lakevictoria naturelover foodiefeatures familytime😍 instalovefood foodfanatic africanlife ugandanblogger exploreafrica weekendhustle seafoodfest tilapia🐟 foodiemom foodphotography📷 pakistanifoodbloggers lahoreblogger


IslamabadEat2019 Day 1 2 Bloggers ek sath Enjoy krtey huway 🕺💃 Thanks for great company dear .caution_sabbyhere Islamabad islamabaddiaries islamabadfood . . . . . . . . . . . islamabadfooddiaries lifestyleblogger islamabadfoodblog pakistanifoodbloggers pakistanfoodbloggers pakistanistreetstyle


As always howdypakistan is a name of trust ..the food never disappoints you 😍 tried 1. Sun of bun 2. Steak 3. Curly fries .. the food is made if best quality ingredients and are made to quench your desire 🙈 food quality : 9.5/10 Vom : 8/10 Ambiance : 9/10 Must give it a try howdypakistan pakistanifoodbloggers foodporn foodphotography instagram lahore foodnation


That's my excitement spilled over the pizza! 👅 THANK YOU to my 1k + followers 🙏 So excited to share with you all the things food, restaurant & places ❤️ May as well eat a pizza to celebrate! 🍕 . . . . . . . . . . 1kfollowers instagramfood instafoodies foodgrams instafoodgram foodpost foodiesofinstagram instafoodie igfood instaeat foodblogging foodpage foodbloggers foodbloggerlife foodtalk foodexplorer pakistanifoodbloggers bloggers bloggingcomnunity uaefoodbloggers morseltrove uaebloggers dubaiblogger abudhabiblogger dubaibloggers discoverunder2k


That's how we welcome Winters in Karachi, a hot and spicy bowl of soul from tooso1976 ♥♥ . One of the best Fast food and Nashta Restaurant in Karachi since past years ♥. . *REVIEW* Okay so they've varieties of soups, I ordered the 'Hot and Spicy' one and it turned out to be the best one, loads of chicken and spices mixed up beautifully💓. They served it hot with soya and chilli sauce , to make it taste even better😻. . Price: 210 (with 2pcs of Garlic Bread) Ambiance: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5 Service: ⭐⭐⭐/5 Taste: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5 Highly recommend//. Which is your Fav Soup type? For more honest reviews follow: blogsbyahmed


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