⭐️Sushi variado ⭐️Comensales: 🍴🍴🍴🍴 shareyourmeal shareyourtable food instafood foodie foodporn food


⭐️Tostada de pan lactal ⭐️Huevos revueltos ⭐️Taza de té ⭐️Comensales: 🍴 shareyourmeal shareyourtable food instafood foodie foodporn food


⭐️Hamburguesa con papas fritas ⭐️Pepsi light ⭐️Comensales:🍴 ⭐️ Más de una persona presente shareyourmeal shareyourtable food instafood foodie foodporn food


⭐️Albóndigas con puré de Cucina di Franca ⭐️Alfajor Tofi de postre ⭐️Agua sin gas ⭐️Comensales: 🍴 shareyourmeal shareyourtable food instafood foodie foodporn food


We may have devoured this carton of strawberries after taking this picture. It was no acc-“seed”-nt 🍓🤤 . What is your “I can’t stop myself from eating this” fruit!? . 🍽: White Strawberries choisaucetravel . * * * * * * * * * * choisauceboss liveunited foodintheair shareyourmeal shareyourtable endlesstraveling endlesstravel travelblogger travelzoo traveltoeat travelforfood foodpuns dadjokes travelholic travelholics traveldeeper travelawesome igersfood visitjapan japantravel travelforfood


⭐️Merienda: tostadas con mendicrim ⭐️Té ⭐️Comensales: 🍴 shareyourmeal shareyourtable food instafood foodie foodporn food


⭐️Pizza margherita de La Fina frann.larocca ⭐️Comensales: 🍴🍴 shareyourmeal shareyourtable food instafood foodie foodporn food


⭐️Facturas y masitas surtidas ⭐️Comensales: 2🍴🍴 shareyourmeal shareyourtable food instafood foodie foodporn food


⭐️Tartín de salmón ahumado y palta. ⭐️Limonada de menta y jengibre. ⭐️Comensales: 🍴 ⭐️Personas presentes: 🍴🍴🍴 shareyourmeal shareyourtable food instafood foodie foodporn food healthyfood


Bhindi Masala /Okra Masala is one of my family's favorite vegetable. Kids also love to eat it and also it tastes amazing. I uploaded it's recipe on my YouTube channel. Recipe link is given in my Instagram Bio 👆 . . . . . eatgoodfeelgood kitchencornerpak yummy homemade bhindimasala bhindi okramasala okra lunchrecipes recipes youtube desifood pakistanifood indianfood bangladeshifood pakistanifoodbloggers pakistanicuisine instablogger foodblogger desifoodblog hostingfoodies feedfeed cookhalaal pakistan dawnnews shareyourmeal kitchencorner


🔶Location: urbankitchenlahore Walking into the restaurant, one is already impressed with the décor, art and pops of eclectic design and colour everywhere. . Urban Kitchen’s menu is unlike other restaurants. It is short and yet has a variety of cuisines to offer: from Pakistani to Italian to Thai and southeastern. . 🔶Southern fried chicken steak: The chicken was so so tasty in creamy white mushroom sauce served with mashed potatoes and veggies and the serving was perfect for one person. 🔸Price: Rs. 975+tax 🔸Taste: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ . 🔶Chicken parmesan: Tender chicken breast coated with grated parmesan and breadcrumbs and topped with marinara sauce, a variety of cheeses and accompanied by pasta with marinara sauce and freshly grated parmesan. A simple dish that too many restaurants love to ruin but I loved urban kitchen's spaghetti. The pasta wasn't overcooked at all, the sauce was sooo goood and the chicken fillet was just how I wanted! Being a cheese lover, I was so happy to see the humongous serving of parmesan! I like my food drenched in cheese. 🔸Price: Rs. 980+tax 🔸Taste: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ . 🔶Mac n cheese: The clear winner of the evening! The mac n cheese looked great. The portion looked quite satisfying. Cheese and Macaroni—baked and cooked to perfection! 🔸Price: Rs. 925+tax 🔸Taste: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ . 🔶Mozzarella balls: Deep fried mozzarella coated with a crisp breading, sprinkled with parmesan cheese and topped with marinara sauce. One serving had 6 mozzarella balls with marinara sauce. 🔸Price: Rs. 680+tax 🔸Taste: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ . 🔶Drinks 🔸Bahama mama made with pineapple,ginger and coconut Price: Rs. 275+tax 🔸Homemade fuzzy lemonade mint. Price: Rs. 275+tax 🔸Taste: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 🔶Value of money: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 🔶Ambiance: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ . . . Follow honestreviewsonly . honestreview food blogger foodblogger urbankitchen hitea foodlover foodislove foodie lahorerestaurants tuscanycourtyardlahore lahoreeatries drinks hitea loveyourself islamabadfoodblog style foodie chicken food best bestfood cheese foodandmakeup lahorefooddiaries lahorefoodies instakayblogger lahorefoodblog shareyourmeal lahorefoodbloggers


Green Chilli And Garlic Pickle Sirkay wali achar RECIPE LINK IS GIVEN IN BIO . . . PLEASE! Subscribe to my YouTube channel . . . recipesbybangash delicious dedicated foodstylingtips foodie karachiblogger foodpic instafood foodphotography presentation pakistanifood pickles picklesphotography foodoftheday picklesclicks bestclicks clickoftheday shareyourmeal foodstylingtips chef recipes toptags


🎉Thank you, Chef Adriana, for sharing your gorgeous Seafood Dish 🐚🍤🦞 theseafoodshop ❤️ chefadriana theseafoodshop wainscott fishmarket seafoodkitchen wesupplychefs chefs cooking fresh healthy qualityseafood chefsshopswithus shareyourmeal delicious


Click kar ke toh sab hi share karte hain … Kabhi haath barha ke share kia hai??? Lets revise the concept of “Share Your Meal” & bring a healthier change ❤️ ShareYourMeal HealthierWay BeTheChange ShanBanaspati ShanCookingOil


So went to meat_thecheese to try these fries which were pretty much the talk of the town .. i dunt know why i found them very overrated. Nothing was out of the ordinary for me . Fries are always my favorite. These were good too but i can get these anywhere like any restaurant would provide the same . Kher thats just me 🤷🏻‍♀️ 6/10 👀 . . Follow : myinsaneworldofhappiness staytuned on foodstagram delicious tasty foodbloggers desserts steak foodkarachi foodporn karachi foodie food hamzaaliabbasi weddingplanner instafood indianwedding food wedding love icecream thaalist chickenmeal foodie foodstagram indianfood vegfood nawab karachi karachites shareyourmeal


Keep it simple! . 🍽CEREAL PULSE COMBINATION Pulses are deficient in one of the amino acids (Methionine) but rich in another amino acid (Lysine), whereas, cereals have high methionine and low lysine content. . ✅ Thus, the combination of cereal pulse is needed to ensure the body gets the required protein from these sources. . ✅ Follow nutri_mania, for more diet updates ✅ . 📞 Call us at 9811311638 today to get personalised DIET PLANS . dalrice cerealpulse nutrimania niharikaarora dietplans dietitianeats delhieats delhincr weightwatcher easytomake easyrecipe foodcorner foodporn dietitians dietitianapproved nutritionfacts wellnessblogger womenpreneur faridabadnews followmelike doubletaps healthclub healthymeals shareyourmeal childrenfood foodforkids kidshealth mommypreneur weightlossideas


Daal Gosht 😍 Instead of adding in mutton/beef, I added Chicken to keep it simple 😉 Here it is garnished with green chillies, chopped ginger, coriander and some garam masala 😍 . . . . . . . desifood shahidaal pakistanifoodbloggers pakistanifood pakistanistyle foodiesofinstagram foodblog foodblogging foodstagram foodisfuel nomnom daalchawal daalgosht muttonkarahi instafood islamabad cooking food lunch foodphotography foodography pakistan streetfood ShareYourMeal chicken foodie


. خود کو پاکر میری نظروں میں وہ کھویا نہیں تھا جو اک مدت سے جاگا وہ سویا نہیں ، لگاکے گلے بہت رولایا مجھ کو ، رونا تھا اس کو بھی پر وہ رویا نہیں ، . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DWPRamazansohaibdiaries ShareYourMeal photography photooftheday landscapephotography pakistan ig_pakistan dawn_dot_com travel travelphotography iftar pakistanibloggers islamabad beautifulpakistan ramadan gilgitbaltistan baydaartravels sunset skardu huza punjab sindh blochistan karachi travelpakistannikonasia baydaartravels natgeotravel thebeautifulpakistan ig_pakistan dawn_dot_com etribune islamic_republic_of_pakistan p3_insta


Aah!! This slow cooked goodness, king of traditional food Haleem (a.k.a. Daleem) has wiped out all our energy today! 😅 . But we got all our deliveries out in time and managed put smiles on everyone’s faces 😍 Food indeed, brings us together ♥️ . Serve topped with lemon juice 🍋, coriander leaves 🌿, green chilies 🌶, fried/brown onions (our absolute favourite 😅) and chopped ginger 👌🏻 Haleem is a complete meal on its own but it can be enjoyed with Naan Bread or Roti (flatbread) 🤤 . p.s. you can even freeze it for later and it’ll be good as fresh when reheated 😉 Stock up for major events or just a lazy no-cook day 😍 . DM/Email for Queries and Orders 📩 . haleem traditionalfood desifoodswag pakistanitraditionalfood slowcooked onepotdish homemadegoodness foodiesofpakistan foodiesofkarachi foodie foodgasm foodporn foodiesofinstagram yummyyum daleem pakistanidelicacy pakistanispices catering cateringservice shareyourmeal ohmycravings


No quali-“fire” is needed to describe how delicious grilled meat on sticks can be 🔥🥩 . This grill has something for everyone. Which one would you pick!? . 🍽: Grilled chicken, pork belly, and beef-wrapped enoki choisaucetravel . * * * * choisauceboss jbbq pissalley bbq bbqporn eatlocal shareyourmeal shareyourtable endlesstraveling endlesstravel travelblogger travelzoo traveltoeat travelforfood foodpuns dadjokes travelholic traveldeeper travelawesome igersfood visitjapan traveljapan


Don't miss Mein Foodie's last day in Baku! The classic Azeri breakfast, followed by sights, sounds, and tasty street food. Watch the full episode now! Link in bio. foodies foodlovers foodporn foodstyling foodoftheday instafood foodfusion recipes cravings yummy healthyrecipe happyweekend salad shareyourmeal foodies24hours instablogging eats foodporn foodie foodday meinfoodie fooddairy foodislove foodislife goodfood goodmood foodistan foodblogger pakivlogger


reviewtime chaayekhanaf11 F-11 markaz branch It was an ok visit nothing fancy aloo parathas were good seasoned well full of potatoes and spice Puri and the chicken was nice Chicken cheese grilled burger was below average very few thin slices of chicken and very small filling of cheese aswell nothing else in the burger except 1 slice of tomato nd lettuce Fries were dry and did not have salt or any seasoning whatsoever Mint margarita or as they call it mint magic was average nothing too much special in it. Nutella shake was ok lacked the main ingredient of nutella taste in it. It was more like a chocolate syrup type taste in it not too good was too much liquidity a shake has to be a little thick atleast. Let me know in the comments if you want to see the bill of all the orders i make or should i mention the prices of the things in the review itself. islamabad foodporn foodie foodblogger tea pakistan chaayekhana islamabadfooddiaries eid garlicmushroomontoast foodlover food isloo hangout islamabaddiaries bites photo shareyourmeal peace pakistanifashion travelblogger outing foodismedicine thembeautifulmoments foodoholic happy 1 foodreviews love


ad Football season is in full effect and with Share a Coke coming back to Walmart it’s time to grab a 20oz Coca-Cola® or Coca-Cola® Zero Sugar Share a Coke bottle that not only features your favorite football team but has over 1,000 unique first names to choose from. While you’re there stock up on all the essentials you’ll need to host the perfect homegating party this fall football season. ShareACokeHuddleUp Walmart SanAntonioLoveList . . . . . safoodpics satx igsanantonio satxbloggers sanantonio safoodie shareyourmeal spoonfeed eatfamous feedyoursoull eeeeeats eattheworld eater forkyeah huffposttaste seriouseats F52Grams zagat tastingtable bestfoodsanantonio tailgating football hotdogs


1k special lets celebrate it with this dish thank you so much guys for supporting our page special thanks to dsazeve for page contribution, moosa.baloch for initial support, a big hand of chiefchef_recipes a very nice person helped us from beginning and all our followers thanks you so much 🙏🙏🙏 for your loving our page ♥️. . ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sizzling Skillet Brownie with a Dallop of ice cream ------------------------------------------------------------------------- . . Thanks 🙏 to abdullahfarrukhhere For sharing this video 📹 ------------------------------------------------------- dessert 1kfollowers celebration . . . . sizzling icecream foodporn foodstagram foodography foodblogger followforfollowback foodcoma foodiesofinstagram foodgallery foodpresentation foodism icecreamlover foodloversofinstagram foodbeauty brownies brownielovers yummy delicious foodvibes americancuisine dessertporn shareyourmeal photography foodphotography photooftheday instadaily


Food drive at HMC Peshawar. May Almighty bless those who prepared food for our Brothers. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FoodDrive ServeMankind ZeroHunger HMC HungerFreePakistan Peshawar charity food love ShareYourMeal


SanAntonioLoveList 326|| {ad Msg 4 21+} Orale! You know what time it is! It's time to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month! To begin, I visit my local Walmart because I know they have the lowest everyday prices, and pick up some Clamato for Micheladas and carne asada ready for the kickback. Clamato® is the authentic tomato cocktail that spices up all your parties and get-togethers. Bust out your inner Tio and be ready to sing Volver, Volver forever. I made two Micheladas. Both versions are made exactly the same way minus the base bebida. We have the mocktail featuring Tamarindo soda and the Tio version with a good cerverza. The basic recipe is 3 parts base beverage 1 part Clamato®- you can adjust to taste, add some hot sauce or chilito power, limon, and a selection of Mexi-snack. I topped them with saladitos, chili balls, chamoy sticks, sour pickles, and cacahuates japoneses because that's how we roll here. MixSipCelebrate HispanicHeritageMonth Clamato Celebrate . . . . . safoodpics satx igsanantonio satxbloggers sanantonio safoodie shareyourmeal spoonfeed eatfamous feedyoursoull eeeeeats eattheworld eater forkyeah huffposttaste seriouseats F52Grams zagat tastingtable bestfoodsanantonio michelada mexicansnacks mexisnacks


Peru is the Hope Diamond of Latin America, home to dishes and flavors you won't find anywhere else. ----------------------------------------------------------- Peruvian ceviche with rice and sea food Arroz con mariscos y ceviche ----------------------------------------------------------- . 📷 raquelochoa1 muchas muchas gracias por compartir tu comida. It looks so yummy 👍👍 . ceviche peruvianfood . . . . peru foodporn foodphotography foodgasm foodgallery foodism foodlover foodie healthyfood foodiesofinstagram foodography foodogram foodbeauty traditionalfood seafood seafoodlovers peruvianfoodisthebest limaperu shareyourmeal followforfollowback foodpresentation bestfood dishes foodblogger blogger instadaily yummy delicious


Wagyu beef has a reputation for being the priciest in the world! You could even say it’s a “cash cow” 🐄💰 . Gyukatsu is an enjoyable and interactive eating experience in Japan! The fried cutlets are brought out to the table with thinly sliced cabbage, fresh wasabi, pickles, and other accompaniments. Each diner has a small stone burner which is used for grilling each piece of beef to your liking! The gyukatsu actually became more tender the longer it was cooked & the result was a bite that literally melts in your mouth. Shout out to j.ritty for the awesome rec 😍 . Who wants to try!? . 🍽: Gyukatsu (Deep-fried wagyu beef cutlets) choisaucetravel . * * * * choisauceboss gyukatsu wagyubeef bbq bbqporn eatlocal shareyourmeal shareyourtable endlesstraveling endlesstravel travelblogger travelzoo traveltoeat travelforfood foodpuns dadjokes travelholic traveldeeper travelawesome igersfood visitjapan traveljapan


Let's talk about Chinese! Asian wok doesn't need any detail review as they serve good Chinese! 🌟 Thai clear soup was so delicious and light,it is 10 on 10 from my side. . . 🌟 Chicken with cashew nuts was absolutely amazing. Plus it is my favourite too. Chicken masala rice was so on point too. . . 🌟 I really liked the steamed dumplings, but the sauce was little spicy. . . Recommend ✅ They have a pretty decor. But the Bahria branch was very noisy and a little congested Overall: 9/10 asianwokpk Pakistanibloggerfoodfoodiefoodiesofinstagramigfoodinstadailyinstafoodiebahriatownfoodphotographyfoodblogsfoodpornfoodgasmpakistanifoodpakistanstreetfoodpizzapastashareyourmealislamabadiansislamabadcuisineislamabadrestaurantsislamabaddiariesblogger chinese


Tarte aux légumes et chèvre d'hier cuisinée par une amie / collègue de boulot :) yummy tarte sal cuisine chevre repas shareyourmeal lunch miam tropbon delicieux cooking cook regimeuse foodstagram foodporn regimeuse lsdp


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