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Because not all fitness success stories happen in a linear timeline... We often see amazing before and after pictures and think ‘wow... their body must have slowly evolved, toned up and transformed consistently during that period of time’. Well sissys... I’m here again to speak my truth and share my honest journey. My postpartum fitness journey is not playing out in that linear fashion like I expected. These pics show my body at: ☝🏼24hrs postpartum ✌🏼2 months postpartum 🤙🏼(almost) 4 months postpartum A few weeks ago I was absolutely killlinngggg it!! I was on that fitness grind, demolishing every workout, and getting better with my mindful eating (my issue is never eating healthy, I just struggle with portion sizes and mindless snacking #dontweall #ilovefood #likesosomuch ) I felt like my body was changing and I had this project comeback journey in the back. Nek minute... I face planted in life. Without giving you my sob story and for lack of a better term... excuses, as to why I’ve gone a little bit backwards, let me leave you with this... Fitness journeys are not linear. You have not failed and you’re not a failure. It’s ok to fluctuate and go through waves of motivation, consistency and dedication. We’re human and life can be crazy sometimes. Every day I’m learning to love my new curvier body more and more. Sure I still have specific physique goals and love to transform my body but honestly gal... life’s too short to pick apart our own bod. I have legs that allow me to walk and run, arms that hold Fox, fingers that help me cook with ease, eyes to clearly see my beautiful family and ears to hear the sound of the ocean. In that respect... my body is killing it in that functionality department🥰🙌🏼 #itsallaboutperspective #bodypositivity



Saturday with me homies🤙🏼 It’s almost 2pm and I’ve only just gotten out of my pyjamas...this is actually the norm to be honest. This afternoons intentions (I say intentions because I never actually achieve everything on my list) is... 🐶Take Abby to the dog park 🏃🏼‍♀️Go to the gym 💻Start editing my new vlog 🥘Create a new recipe for project But for now... I’m doing none of those things and just tickling Fox’s tummy and lapping up the few moments of the day where he’s not crying or sleeping 😂 P.s thanks Grammy for Foxy’s custom knit #lookingfresh



🍌🌿🌰3 INGREDIENTS!! If you’re familiar with my kitchen cupboards then you’ll know I basically own a mini, personal health food store😂 I’m always adding loads of fun superfoods, nuts seeds and spices to my smoothie bowl but today sissys... TODAY I WITHHELD! Just frozen banana, @tropeaka Superfood Greens and Vanilla Lean Protein. THAT’S IT!! It’s kind of a blow to my ego to admit that this honestly is one of the yummiest smoothie bowls I’ve made in such a long time. It literally tastes like mint choc chip but instead of the ‘choc chip’ component, I added @loving_earth caramelised buckinis to make it taste like mint CARAMEL chip. Ahhhhh no joke I was standing in the kitchen eating this thinking... what have I been doing for the past year over complicating my smoothie recipes 😳🤦🏼‍♀️ Sooo simple, so quick and FAR OUT, absolutely delicious!



Take your son to work day💁🏼‍♀️🦊 I’m happy to report that today has been a GREAT day! Fox has been so much happier, I smashed out a sweaty full body workout this morning, I washed my hair AND just walked out of a suuuper exciting meeting about my cooking project. I’m slowly getting better and better at balancing this new Mum life of mine and trying to get everything done. I’ve always got something on my mind whether it’s filming, editing, content, projects, and future events so I’m making an effort to schedule it all out. My goal is to be as productive and organised as possible so that when Fox is napping I’m smashing out my to-do list, then when he wakes, I’m in full blown loving Mumma mode💗☀️



It’s been a rough few weeks for the Foxinator and if I’m honest... a tiring and emotional marathon for his parents #akasezzyandkurtle This gorgeous, blue eyed bundle of spit bubble has been battling with some discomfort and irritability. We spent the day in and out of appointments discussing possibilities and options that mostly circled around silent reflux and gut issues (just like his mum🤦🏼‍♀️sorry Fox). While we had a huge night of editing and emails planned, I think we deserve a Disney movie night instead. Cuddled up with my four faves right now, 🦊🐢🐶🍫 P.s my @loving_earth Deluxe Mix will be launching on Amazon in the epic chocolate bundle in late July. I’ll confirm what date ASAP but make sure you get in quick because they were gone in a matter of hours last time. For all my Aussie sissys, you can grab yours via the @loving_earth website or any @govitaaustralia store NOW🍫🍩🍭🍬



LAST TWO HOURS!!💥💥 Due to high demand and a crazzzzy amount of DM’s we’ve decided to extend my activewear pre order with @whitefoxboutique for TWO HOURS!! This is your LAST CHANCE to secure your items before the final restock! Now you’ve got until 4pm AEST to get your fave pieces🙌🏼💁🏼‍♀️ just call me Surprise Sezzy Spice #getit #thisismybestspicegirlpose #sezzyspice



How to get out of a funk and cheer yourself up... Even the happiest, most positive and bubbly people have down days. Every now and then I go through a period or even just one day where I’m in a weird funk. I’m unmotivated, deflated and kind of just...down. Yesterday was one of those days and this morning I woke up feeling like it was going to continue. I know myself so well and have learnt what steps I need to take to turn my mood around. As much as I didn’t feel like doing any of these things at the time, I’m happy to report that I had an awesome day and my mood has well and truly turned around! Here are my personal tips that I implement when I need to lift my own spirits and make myself a little more happy🌈 ☀️Go outside!! Even if it’s just a half an hour lay in the sun. Sunshine = happiness! 💦Get sweaty (preferably a morning workout) 🥗Eat in a healthy mindful way. Sure I love treats, but emotional eating is a slippery slope and doesn’t leave me happy in the long run 😴Make your bed. Nothing beats walking into your room and your bed is boujee 👯‍♀️Catch up or call someone who makes you smile 🦊Cuddle a Fox (highly reccomend but not accessible for everyone 😂)



Now we can all sit down and relax🧘🏼‍♀️ I’m still so blown away at how much you LOOVEE my activewear collections with @whitefoxboutique with the range selling out in seconds at most of the restocks. This time, we listened to your feedback and wanted to relieve some of that stress from your plate in terms of securing the pieces you want. To celebrate the final restock of my collections, we’ve opened up a pre-order system NOW until the 15th of July. This means you can select and order your dream pieces, without the stress of launch day and trying to get onto the site. Your orders will then be delivered late October. There will be minimal items released in November and then... THAT’S IT! Final call sissy, I repeat, this is the final call!💗



How to be productive🙌🏼 If there’s one thing I believe in, it’s list making! I’m notorious for making lists for literally every aspect of my life. From housework, to groceries, YouTube ideas and daily errands. I always like to write it down. I feel like everyone’s (including my own) lives right now are so hectic and flooded. Whether you’re balancing school, work and social life or like me and balancing mum life, business, and personal life, making a to-do list in my head often stresses me out and makes everything a little more confusing. Every morning I like to sit down and write out my goals/to-do list for the day📝 it’s rare that I achieve everything on the list, but it’s nice to write it down and have a visual game plan for the day. Writing down your goals for the day also helps to assess... ‘is this REALLY possible in one day?’. A lot of the time I’m too ambitious with my schedule and try and achieve too much in a small window of time. It’s something I’m working on and practising being more realistic with my time and kind to myself when I don’t achieve everything on my list. Breaking the day into ‘chunks’ has always helped me be the most productive version of myself and utilise the day🙌🏼



Mum and Fairy Godmother took to the sky today to visit the magical land of vegan, wholesome chocolate, fruit and nut mix and coconut flakes🍫🍪 Although we only popped down to the @loving_earth factory in Melbourne for the day, this little suitcase was packed with the essentials... the milky titty breast pump 😂😂 I’m learning as I go, living and breathing the working mumma life. I missed my gorgeous Foxy boy today but giiiirlllllll do I have some exciting things in store for you!! I’m here to sprinkle some Sezzy lovin all over your healthy diet and fitness routine. Im all about making wholesome living fun and delicious!! My belly is sooooo full of fruit and nut mix now ✨😂 Now we’re off to the home land of Sydney ✈️



Im so excited to announce our first ever PRE-ORDER!! I know how stressful it can be trying to grab your fave pieces of my activewear collection with @whitefoxboutique before it sells out so we listened to your requests and have created a pre-order process!! This option will be open until the 15th of July and give you the ability to secure a bunch of the selling items from the collection. I’m so excited we could organise this for you because soooo many of you suggested this after the last crazy restock. Have fun shopping sissys 💗💗



NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO!! Project comeback has been KICKED up a notch😏 (see what I did there) and I’m stepping outside my comfort zone with Kurts brutal fat burning kickboxing session. It’s a bit of a different video style than my normal vlogs but I wanted to make it as informative and real as possible. I’m doing my best to cover all aspects of my project comeback journey so I really hope you’re enjoying it 🥰 Live on my YouTube channel now!


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